Fix internet sharing on OS X Mavericks

It seems that OS X Mavericks has issues resuming internet sharing over WiFi when waking up from sleep. This is especially annoying, as only restarting seems to “fix” this issue. After searching on Google for a while, I stumbled upon this. The forum post suggests to kill bootps to free the port opened by internet sharing, even though it is not running anymore. For me this seems like a reliable solution, even though I wish Apple would fix it.

Running the following script will allow restarting internet sharing:

sudo lsof -i udp:67 | grep bootpd |awk ‘{ print $2 }’| while read pid; do echo killing $pid; sudo kill -9 $pid&&echo “successfull…”; done

SpaceFlightNow Launch Schedule Calendar

I love the website Spaceflight Now. They provide detailed coverage on most rocket launches and have a nice worldwide rocket launch schedule. Unfortunately you have to look at it to not miss any launches. I would have loved to have the ability to import this schedule into my calendar, but searching the web did not find anything useful.

So I wrote my own parser for the Spaceflight Now launch schedule and provide it as a ics file.

If you want to keep getting updates just subscribe to the webcal.

Subscribe here

In addition to providing a up to date launch schedule, this calendar also features recent launches.


Update: Due to recent changes, the current implementation does not work. In the meantime I recommend the webcal feed from Launch Library. Subscribe to it using this link.


As for the technical side of things: due to the way the Spaceflight Now website is coded and the not always consistent format of the launch events, some may be off either an hour or a whole day. So please be sure to check back on Spaceflight Now to have confirmation on the actual launch time.