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This page contains some Launchbar actions that I wrote over the years to aid me in different situations. Perhaps they might be interesting to you, too.

Launchbar 6:

LaunchBar 5:

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  1. Really like these additions to LB 6! Question: I’ve recently started using . Would it be possible to make an action for LB6 similar to the Google Action that is shipping with it? That’d be ace!

    1. Theoretically that would be possible. DuckDuckGo unfortunately misses a good suggestion API. So this would result in parsing their website (which is error-prone). You could look into the Duden example that comes with the examples to see how suggestions are done in general.

        1. I made an action for you. It uses the suggestions call from their website. It is not officially documented. So this action might stop working any time…

  2. I get an error when running the Safari Tabs action. It works on one of my computers, but not the other. I get this in the Console :

    2014-05-25 17:05:48,152 LaunchBar[458]: NSAppleScript Error -2740: A identifier can’t go after this property. (Range: 913, 11)

    1. Unfortunately, this error message is not very descriptive. Could you describe, when this error happens? When opening the Action, or when pressing enter on a selected entry? Which version of Safari and OS X do you use?

      1. Thanks, the download link does not work though. I use Safari 7.0.4 beta on both places (on Mavericks 10.9.3) , the error happens as I press the action in LaunchBar.

        Will try the new version out when the link works again. Thanks for taking time to try and fix it.

  3. Thanks tried it with no luck. I do notice that the action does not show up when I choose Safari in LB then press the right arrow. It does on the computer where it works. Also tried starting LB in DeBug Mode but I did not get anything more useful out of the Console I’m afraid.

    It’s something with the computer at home, thanks for trying to solve it. I’ll reinstall the OS to see if things start working.

    1. Nice. Though I would possibly split them in two actions (Toggle on and Toggle off) and check for the current state. Then it would always be clear in which state it is currently in.

  4. In the Bing action suggestions.js is pointing to “wiki.png” as the icon, which results in no icon showing for results.

  5. I had a similar problem as the respondent on 26 May with getting the following error when trying to run safari tabs. It was not clear what the resolution was. I running the latest version of safari, mavericks, launchbar and your script. Any ideas on how to get this working?

    2014-06-21 19:56:55.172 LaunchBar[504]: Safari Tabs (eu.weiel.action.SafariTabs): AppleScript error {
    NSAppleScriptErrorBriefMessage = “Can\U2019t make URL of item 1 of {application \”Safari\”, application \”Safari\”, application \”Safari\”, application \”Safari\”, application \”Safari\”, application \”Safari\”} into type string.”;
    NSAppleScriptErrorMessage = “Can\U2019t make URL of item 1 of {application \”Safari\”, application \”Safari\”, application \”Safari\”, application \”Safari\”, application \”Safari\”, application \”Safari\”} into type string.”;
    NSAppleScriptErrorNumber = “-1700”;
    NSAppleScriptErrorRange = “NSRange: {0, 0}”;

  6. “iTunes Volume” outputs an error: The script does not implement a handler named “run”.

    Any ideas why is that?

  7. Hi,
    I’m trying to use SafariTabs 1.4 on Yosemite and the latest launchbar version, like others I get an error message, I think I identified this into the console:

    28/11/14 13:22:21,841 LaunchBar[15335]: Safari Tabs (eu.weiel.action.SafariTabs): AppleScript error {
    NSAppleScriptErrorBriefMessage = “La variabile tabList non \U00e8 definita.”;
    NSAppleScriptErrorMessage = “La variabile tabList non \U00e8 definita.”;
    NSAppleScriptErrorNumber = “-2753”;
    NSAppleScriptErrorRange = “NSRange: {354, 7}”;

    Apologies for the italian bits, that should be “variable tabList is undefined”

  8. Hi Manuel,

    I just started using LaunchBar (Version 6.8) and I came directly across your website when looking for live searches for and YouTube. I am also looking for a live search for Google Maps but I couldn’t find any.

    So I was wondering, if you are still active and how much work it would be to implement this.


    1. Hi Christian,

      writing a Google Maps action with live suggestions is relatively easy (in fact I already have written one…). Distributing it is harder though, as it requires an Google API key. And just giving it out will for sure end in exceeding the free limit of requests allowed. I might rewrite the action to prompt an API key from the user (which can be created for free). The action will then unfortunately not be just install & use anymore…


      1. Manuel,

        while trying to come up with an own solution I came along the Google API descriptions and generated an API key as well. Perhaps you might only share your script leaving a placeholder where to enter the API key. I could create an action on my own using your script with my key. I also would love to see how you have done this.


      2. Manuel,

        when I tried to come up with a solution on my own, I came along the google API descriptions. I generated an API key or my personal use as well. So perhaps you might only share your script with a place holder for where to enter the API key and then I could create an action on my own using your script with my API key. I would also love to see how you have done it to learn more so that I might be able to write my own actions in future.


        1. Hi Manuel,

          it’s me again. Would you mind to share your Google Maps action as it is just without the API Key?
          I would be really happy to have a Maps integration.

  9. Thanks Manual for sharing these actions for launchbar. Just started with launchbar recently and there are many extensions I like.

  10. Hi Manuel,

    the BatteryDetails Actions seems to show strange readings at least for health, and dublicates for other values, like MaxCapacity and DesignCapacity.

    I think it is due to the changed output and format of the ioreg.

    1. Hi Manuel,

      I’ve adjusted the script to the current output of macOS. Seems to work now:

      CURRENT_CAPACITY=$(cat $LB_CACHE_PATH/info.txt | grep CurrentCapacity | head -1 | awk ‘{printf (“%i”, $3)}’)
      MAX_CAPACITY=$(cat $LB_CACHE_PATH/info.txt | grep MaxCapacity | head -1| awk ‘{printf (“%i”, $3)}’)
      DESIGN_CAPACITY=$(cat $LB_CACHE_PATH/info.txt | grep DesignCapacity | awk ‘{print substr($0, 1, length($0)-1)}’ | awk ‘{printf (“%i”, $3)}’)

  11. Hi Manuel

    I’ve been using Launchbar for years, and am always grateful when I find a useful action someone has shared.

    I was wondering if you have any Launchbar actions which
    – parse BibTeX file so I can paste citations into plain text documents
    – search google scholar with live results


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