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I love the website Spaceflight Now. They provide detailed coverage on most rocket launches and have a nice worldwide rocket launch schedule. Unfortunately you have to look at it to not miss any launches. I would have loved to have the ability to import this schedule into my calendar, but searching the web did not find anything useful.

So I wrote my own parser for the Spaceflight Now launch schedule and provide it as a ics file.

If you want to keep getting updates just subscribe to the webcal.

Subscribe here

In addition to providing a up to date launch schedule, this calendar also features recent launches.


Update: Due to recent changes, the current implementation does not work. In the meantime I recommend the webcal feed from Launch Library. Subscribe to it using this link.


As for the technical side of things: due to the way the Spaceflight Now website is coded and the not always consistent format of the launch events, some may be off either an hour or a whole day. So please be sure to check back on Spaceflight Now to have confirmation on the actual launch time.

3 thoughts on “SpaceFlightNow Launch Schedule Calendar”

  1. Awesome idea! However, not sure if their website has changed and broken the parser, but it does not show most of launches listed for this month. Can you take a look to see what may be going wrong? Thanks!

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